David Walsh (a colleague) has challenged me to see who can get their own website to appear higher on Google when searching for the other persons name i.e:

Search David Walsh => get Cube Websites
Search Ashraf Vali => get Chachakawooka

There’s no set deadline, it’s just the first person to acheive it.

Round #1

David wrote up a random blog post simply mentioning my name and Cube Websites.  That really doesn’t mean anything of course as Davids website isn’t regularly crawled by Google – his website’s basically worthless to Google.

I’ve written up this post which mentions both our names, plus my website’s crawled regularly so appearing higher up than Chachakawooka when searching for David Walsh should actually be something I can accomplish within a reasonable amount of time.


Right now when searching for David Walsh, Cube Websites doesn’t appear, and vice versa for Ashraf Vali/Chachakawooka.  We’re going to continue trying new methods to boost our SEO and will keep you posted on how our websites perform.


After writing this post, I’ve seen David Walsh (who’s sat next to me), sneakily updating his original post to be more up to the standards of this post.

PS: You’ll notice I’ve not linked to his website anywhere, but that’s all part of the challenge.  My website is worth a lot more to Google than his, so there’s no use wasting my SEO Juice on him – doing so would only be helping him win.

You can visit David Walsh’s website and see his updates for this challenge by searching for “Chachakawooka” and selecting the first result, or alternatively search “David Walsh”, go to about the 7th page and select “Chachakawooka”.

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