Shopify SEO For the Initiated And The Uninitiated

You’ve started a Shopify store, or you started one months ago and now the excitement in your eyes has drained away because the sales or leads didn’t come rushing in like you had hoped. Gutting isn’t it? This is when you need SEO (search engine optimisation).

What’s That?

Search engine optimisation is the art of getting your website to show for keywords related to your website in Google. Nobody types in a keyword for what they are looking for and scroll to page seven in Google to find you, so you need help in order to show so that you can bag some of that traffic.

How Does It Work?

Google has a complex algorithm with many factors thrown into the mix which makes it decide who ranks and in what order. Whilst we don’t have the algorithm’s exact factors (Google would never provide this!) we know what factors it likes and that is what we fulfil with our SEO for Shopify work.

Get Your Shopify SEO In Check

If you are a start up or larger business we would love to hear from you. If you get in touch you will speak to someone who knows about Shopify and SEO – not a salesmen with vague knowledge. So fill out the form below and we will be back in touch ASAP!