SEO & PPC For Magento Websites

Magento is what we refer to at Cube as ‘a bit of a beast’ and we have spent many years developing Magento sites and rolling out PPC and SEO on websites on this platform. Magento however has the same issue that all websites are looking at – driving traffic in order to make potential sales or leads.

How do you do that?

SEO wise we get you visibility in Google’s free listings for keywords that are relevant to your business. We pick keywords that are realistic to target (ranking for example ‘shoes’ is a seriously long term goal) and will open up the new revenue or lead stream you are after.

PPC wise we get you paid visibility in Google which gets you up there fast.

Why we are different to other agencies

There are many agencies out there offering SEO & PPC, but here is why we are different:

  • We show the value we are driving to your business, wether that be leads or sales
  • We are honest – no technical jargon that is confusing and covers up why you are not seeing any value
  • We are purely data driven – we show you the figures each month
  • We are transparent and give you a plan each month of what we are up to so that you know exactly what to expect
  • Agile – we are on the ball and get on with it to drive results as quickly as possible taking your business goals into account

We are a straight up, no messing SEO & PPC agency with a long experience of Magento under our belts.

Contact Us

Thinking about SEO or PPC for your Magento store? We won’t put you in touch with a salesman, you will speak to someone on our team who does SEO for Magento so fill in the form below and we will be in touch ASAP!