Web Development Integration

Here are common integrations that we deal with: 

  • Setup of Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking
  • Third-party email delivery including Mailgun and Amazon
  • E-Mail newsletter subscribers synchronisation with Mailchimp
  • Synchronising a product catalog to eBay or Amazon
  • Adding an additional payment gateway to your e-commerce store
  • Exporting important data for use with third-party or internal applications


There are hundreds of platforms and tools that provide useful functionality and sales options for your website.  Having an integration allows your website to communicate with these external platforms to create a seamless user experience.

A simple example would be an integration that shows your posts from Twitter or Facebook on your homepage.


E-Commerce Integrations

More advanced, if you have an e-commerce website and also sell on Amazon or eBay, you could have an integration which lets you keep your inventory on all three synchronised including product titles, descriptions and pricing.  Any changes you make on your website would automatically update on eBay and Amazon saving you lots of time and money.  This gets even better when you realise that you have more flexibility than just that; how about automatically keeping your eBay or Amazon price 10% higher (to factor in platform fees) or lower (to be more competitive with other sellers)?  Setting your item-specifics based on attributes you’ve already specified on your website instead of keep having to repeat the process?  Automatically tweaking the description for eBay to including some additional info based on product type?  All that and more possible with a custom integration.

 REcruitment System Integrations


 If you’re using Broadbean or similar platform to manage your recruitment requirements and positions, then you could also benefit from an integration which automatically submits and updates jobs that you create on your website onto Broadbean – and from there onto other job boards.  Much easier than having to copy and paste that data, and remembering to change it when you notice a typo!

 With integrations pretty much anything is possible,  API actually stands for Application Programming Interface, and basically that means that anything with an API can talk to another system.  Integrations are a great way to streamline your systems and to save time and money.



Real World Examples

The Online Sweet Shop

Sweets, chocolates and gift hampers e-commerce site built with WooCommerce

Top 3 Legal

Top 3 Legal is an innovative web app with benefits for clients, law firms and individual lawyers.

Sugar In Everything

WooCommerce website for gift frames and posters

Skills To Look For When Looking For An Integration Specialist

  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • Bespoke development
  • Payment services
  • Test driven development
  • ElasticSearch
  • Git

What Other People Say About Our Coding Skills

We like to let others do the talking for us, here is what they had to say:

We went to Cube with a few simple ideas for our new website. Cube were able to discuss our requirements and convert them into a proposal that helped us understand the best practices for selling online on our own website. We never imagined running the eBay side of our business could be so well integrated and we've saved so much time by only managing our products from our website and having them automatically update on eBay. Once the main project was completed we've come back to Cube for various additional tools to help our business - which they provided and also added their own touch to make even better.

Hafsa Mahomed

Managing Director, Sugar In Everything

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