Unlike most agencies (and we don’t even like the term ‘agency’ as it has been so tarnished over the years) we didn’t start like most of them do.

We are a bunch of web developers, designers and digital marketers that bumped into each other in our employed lives working for different agencies. We got fed up of working in agencies and here is why:

  • We didn’t want to build websites that were the same templates everyone had and was being re-purposed

  • We didn’t want to ‘just bash it out and get the invoice out’, we didn’t want to be cowboys and actually wanted to do the jobs properly
  • We felt the layer of salesmen and business owners between clients and us the ‘doers’ was creating a extra layer of hassle and frustration for everyone concerned

  • We didn’t like how the clients were treated (and us!)

So As ‘Doing’ Type Of People We Decided To Start Cube!

We are actually quite a quiet bunch here – we are those cerebral, headphones on and lost in the computer type of people who quite enjoy getting sucked into the task at hand for hours on end.

We don’t go to parties and hang out with ‘media types’ and drive around in Porsches that all our disappointed clients have paid for. We are based in north Manchester in the hills thankful for our high speed internet line that connects us to the grid.

Do We Sound Like Your Type Of People?

If you like working with reasonable, sensible people with some technical know how then maybe we are a match. Why not get in touch on the form below and come say hi, we will get back in touch ASAP.

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