A Real Deal Digital Marketing Company With Real World Skills

When people are looking for a digital marketing company here are the classic things we hear:

  •  I’ve been using a digital marketing company before but I don’t really know what I’m getting for my money
  • I blew thousands on this company and my sales or leads are no better, I don’t even think digital marketing is a ‘thing’ anymore
  • There are competitors out there that are far bigger than me and I won’t stand a chance
  • I know someone in the same market and they have been doing marketing for the same length of time but seem to be doing better than us

 Here is what we say in response:


  • There are no university degrees in digital marketing and that’s a problem. It’s easy to do a course and call yourself a ‘digital marketer’, open a business with a huge sales team working on a churn and burn basis and employ staff with very little skills – we won’t lie, this industry is rife with this
  • Digital marketing IS a thing – the thinking required from a decent digital marketer to help support your director level business critical decisions is incredibly hard to find (hello Cube!)
  • Just because there is another company out there doing what you do, it’s actually a battle over who’s digital marketer has better skills (and budget, that helps but we squeeze any budget to help out!)
  • If you keep blowing money on a company that’s not driving results, it’s better pulling the plug and moving on 

Hiring A Digital Marketing Company

We don’t envy anyone trying to make this decision, it can feel like buying an expensive car that you’ve never test driven. We are completely accountable for what we do – here is how it works: 

  • Each month you get a plan so you know what we are up to
  • Each month you get a report so you can see tangible results – we are purely data driven
  • If it’s going great, we are honest about that, if it’s going badly we will tell you why based on data (not hocus pocus) and will tell you what is being done about it (this is quite rare for us which is great!)

Here is what we don’t do:

  • Spammy link building campaigns
  • Black hat techniques that can get you kicked out of Google
  • Disappear
  • Turn up to meetings in a Porsche technically paid by you with a disappointing report full of empty promises


Finally! The Website Marketing Services That We Offer

Testimonial Of Our Website Marketing Skills

We’ve been working since September 2016 and they have actually achieved what all the digital marketing companies claim to be able to do which is to get us on first page of Google. Our rankings for the most important keywords have gone from around 36th to anywhere from 1st to 4th depending on the specific keywords. Now they pushing us to get number 1 spot for the keywords with the largest number of searches per month. It has required a lot of effort from both sides to put in place some long term strategies as well as quick wins but is definitely paying off.

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