We Are An Email Marketing Agency That Gets It Right

There is nothing more irritating than receiving emails that seem irrelevant, or receive them simply at the wrong time for you to engage in them. Also consider having a problem if you have a customer base and you never speak to them on email at all!

Email is a science and here is where we commonly see people going wrong:

  •  having far too much content
  • no clear action that you want your reader to take
  • confusing layout designs
  • poor tracking to show the value of sending your emails

Looking At Your Business Structure

When we first get together we look at the structure of your business and where email would provide value. This could be items such as:

  • reminders to do something
  • alerting people about a sale
  • getting people back into their abandoned shopping carts
  • supporting ‘real world’ campaigns that the business is doing as part of other marketing initiatives
  • trust building exercises to create a lead

There is many more, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Already do email? We will look at what is going on and work with this or rebuild depending on what we find.

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