There is nothing more stressful than needing a change or fix to your website and not being able to get hold of anyone – especially when your business reputation and revenue levels are at stake.

If you’re in need of a PHP web developer on a contract basis then you’re looking in the right place.  A contractor could be required for a number of reasons including:

  • Covering sick leave
  • Extra resource required on a project
  • Need someone with specialist skills for a one-off project
  • Additional resource when you have too much client work scheduled
  • Maternity leave cover

We’ve contracted in all the above situations across a number of agencies and companies and would be happy to work with you.


Examples Of Our Builds

The Online Sweet Shop

Sweets, chocolates and gift hampers e-commerce site built with WooCommerce

Top 3 Legal

Top 3 Legal is an innovative web app with benefits for clients, law firms and individual lawyers.

Sugar In Everything

WooCommerce website for gift frames and posters

Costs Involved

The cost for a PHP contractor can vary based on a number of factors including location, project length and scope.  We’re happy to discuss day rate and provide a quote.

Hiring a contractor can be a very cost-effective method of providing additional resource to your team because everything is flexible such as the number of contracted hours or days, working on-site or remotely, the duration of the contract and the day rate that you agree upon.

Location isn’t an issue, we’re used to working remotely or temporarily re-locating closer to the client site if required – it doesn’t matter where you’re based.

We ARE PHP Developers THAT YOu Can Trust

We always let our existing clients do the talking for us, here is what they say about us:

I’ve worked with Ashraf now for over five years on two major projects – both in the legal sector - building two sophisticated web apps.

Ashraf is excellent and I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone (and, if required, to provide any specific reference by phone or email).

Agile development has been crucial to us. As is often the case, our original concepts and “simple” specifications have evolved over time as we’ve had ideas for extra functionality from users and have made incremental changes.

Ashraf works in a very clear and methodical way in looking at our specs for phases of work and adding his own ideas and challenge (where he thinks – usually correctly – that there’s a better way to do something) and he’s really astute in understanding the commercial angle of what we’re doing and so the best user experience and work flows to achieve this.

Ashraf’s development skills are such that I’m always amazed that he usually finds a way to deal with even the most complex of requests for new features or changes and always has a very positive and “can do” mindset.

The spec process leads to transparency on phases of work, costs and timing making it easy for us to plan our development work and our budgets. He’s great at explaining even complex technical aspects and a very good communicator overall on status and progress.

Overall, as said above, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ashraf, he’s excellent.

Richard Fleetwood

Director, Top 3 Legal

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