Looking For A Web Developer, Cutting Edge Web Design or a Digital Marketing Agency That’s The Real Deal?

We are sure you’ve been around a number of professional looking companies that have slick websites, stunning visuals and catch lines promising x, y and z but we understand that it can be hard to decipher one company from the other.

Cube Websites is a bit different – we are a tight knit group of online professionals that wanted to get away from the classic agency structure and simply wanted to work as a group of experts who trust each others advice within their own fields and work together to make our clients lives easier.

We Solve Headaches Ranging From Web Development, Web Design And Digital Marketing

Here are the headaches that people commonly tell us:

  • I just want someone who can speak to me in plain English about what is going on and replies to my emails
  • I just want to call someone and have them fix a problem without having to get involved in the finer details and waiting eight weeks for a fix to go through
  • I’m paying bills to these other companies and I don’t really know what I’m getting for my money

We build and market websites that are solid, full functioning, user friendly and is setup for longevity.

We understand that sometimes picking a web developer, web design or digital marketing agency feels like picking a needle out of a haystack and paying decent money for the privilege of crossing your fingers and hoping that it is going to be worth the financial risk.

We don’t have a pushy sales team, you will speak to us directly and we always using references of current clients so you know what you are getting yourself into without any reservations.

So now you have a full picture of our ethos you can check out our top level services here:


I’ve worked with Ashraf now for over five years on two major projects – both in the legal sector - building two sophisticated web apps.

Ashraf is excellent and I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone (and, if required, to provide any specific reference by phone or email).

Agile development has been crucial to us. As is often the case, our original concepts and “simple” specifications have evolved over time as we’ve had ideas for extra functionality from users and have made incremental changes.

Ashraf works in a very clear and methodical way in looking at our specs for phases of work and adding his own ideas and challenge (where he thinks – usually correctly – that there’s a better way to do something) and he’s really astute in understanding the commercial angle of what we’re doing and so the best user experience and work flows to achieve this.

Ashraf’s development skills are such that I’m always amazed that he usually finds a way to deal with even the most complex of requests for new features or changes and always has a very positive and “can do” mindset.

The spec process leads to transparency on phases of work, costs and timing making it easy for us to plan our development work and our budgets. He’s great at explaining even complex technical aspects and a very good communicator overall on status and progress.

Overall, as said above, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ashraf, he’s excellent.

Richard Fleetwood

Director, Top 3 Legal

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