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We typically see two types of people get in touch with us. These are people who have either been burnt before by other agencies who promised the world and produced very little, or people who are getting into SEO for the first time and want to make the right choice first time. We get that it’s tough – how do you choose someone when you don’t know the difference between good and bad?

Our SEO Services – How We Function As An SEO Company

Below is how we work. We are:

  • Honest – no hocus pocus tech language, we just tell you how it is
  • Data driven – we work on statistics which we share with you
  • Value driven – we show you month in month out what we achieved wether it is number of leads or amount of revenue generated
  • Trackable – we give you a plan each month of what we are up to so you having something tangible to expect and you know what you paid for
  • Unique – we think outside of the box to poke through saturated markets
  • Fast – strategies are implemented quickly as we only work with our developers that are on the ball

We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees to pay us, we have to bring value to your business in order for us to get paid and we won’t turn up to your meetings in a Porsche to deliver your report with poor results!

The SEO Company That Provides A Service That Actually Works

Our new website is terrific! It's nice to look at and has brought us so many more customers.  Our original website was so hard to manage that we didn't get much done with it.  The new WooCommerce site is a lot better in every way.  We've seen more customers and more sales, we're able to add new items to our store very quickly, and the setup with eBay is the best time-saver.

We would definitely recommend Cube to anyone looking for someone to handle their website needs.  They were open and honest, provided us with options on how we could keep the existing site or get a new one and with their advice we were able to make what's turned out to be the correct choice and got us a new WooCommerce site.

Saeed Asmal

Owner & Director, theOnlineSweetShop

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