I’ve just finished work on a Ruby Gem which provides an interface for the HotUKDeals (HUKD) REST API.

This gem provides all the following search methods:

  • hottest deals
  • newest deals
  • discussed deals
  • deals by username
  • deals by tag name
  • deals by merchant name
  • online deals only
  • offline deals only
  • keyword search
Each search method also allows you to filter results by category, forum, limit the number of results.
It’s dead easy to install and run:
    require 'hukd'
    hukd	="YOUR_API_KEY_HERE")
    deals	=	hukd.hottest('deals')
    deals.each |deal| do
Full documentation can be found on the Github page.

Source code on Github
Gem on 

If you have any issues or requests then feel free to get in touch 🙂

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