If you’ve ever come across Prezi you may have been slightly wow-ed by it’s amazing little transition effects as you browse through each little presentation.


Now, there’s a free and open-source JavaScript library called Impress.js (the author says no rhyme intended!) which will blow your mind.  It’s a JavaScript adaptation of Prezi (which uses Flash), which uses CSS3 transforms and transitions to create really cool effects similar to those on Prezi, and on top of that it’s also uses CSS3 3D animations which takes things one-step further and lets you have 3D effects in your presentation too.

The downside is that at the moment it’s only guaranteed to work on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.  Non-webkit browsers do have a fall-back mode, which is a simple display of the slides but without any of the animation.  It does work with the alpha versions of Firefox 10 and IE10 builds, so once those are out the browser support will be much better.

Whilst the browser requirements may be a deterrent for most folks, it’s amazing to see what can be achieved using CSS3 and maybe highlights the shape of things to come.

It’s certainly worth bookmarking and having a play with.

Click here for a live demo (use Chrome or Safari)
Source code on GitHub

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