If you’re an active user of GitHub and work on any open-source projects then may want to show off your projects and activity on your own website.  This is where Gitview comes in.


Gitview allows you to display all your GitHub repos, and gives the option to display a detailed version including a graph of your project activity, or a simple compact version if you prefer.  Not only that, but all the information displayed is live.

The full feature list is:

  • Asynchronous loading of all date
  • All data is 100% live
  • The Activity Graph uses the Canvas element
  • You can toggle the regular or small version
  • No need for additional styles
  • Works with all JS frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, Mootools, etc)
  • WTFPL license

Using it is very simple:

1.  Include the script on your page

<script src=""></script>

2.  Create a GitView anywhere on your page from a script tag or a JavaScript file:

var view = new Gitview({
  user    : 'cubewebsites',      // any github username
  domNode : document.body,  // domNode to attach to
  compact : false           // if set to true, will display smaller version of widget (no participation graph)


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