A couple of days ago I discovered Intercom.  An open-source JavaScript framework allowing anyone to create their own command-line application.

I decided to try it out by creating a command line interface (CLI) for YouTube.  What does this mean you ask yourself?  Well, using this plugin you can browse YouTube but instead of using the website, you do it via a series of commands.  There’s no real advantage to it, it’s more just about doing it to prove that it can be done.

YouTube Console

You can play around with it on the live demo page here

Features include:

  • YouTube search
  • Search by username
  • Top Rated videos
  • Recently Featured videos
  • Most Viewed videos
  • Paginated results
  • Caching for great performance

This application is free and open-source, so if you’re interested in making your own Command Line Application, then feel free to Fork it on GitHub.

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