It’s been very quite on this blog recently but I’m hoping to change all that in the upcoming weeks.  There’s been many changes at Cube Websites and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce them…

When Cube Websites started 2 years ago, it was formed by two university students, a designer and a developer.  From the moment we went online we managed to find many clients who were all extremely happy with their websites and so the chain of customers continued at a regular rate.

Last year myself and the designer both finished uni, I decided to continue with Cube Websites, but the designer moved back down South to pursue a full-time career in teaching Art.  I took on the role of designer as well as developer which meant it took a bit longer to complete projects but the clients were still happy with the work and so Cube Websites was able to provide the same top level of work as it had done.

Earlier this year I decided to look for full-time employment in a more challenging role and it didn’t take long to find myself a contracting position as a web developer at Source Creative in Blackburn, who are actually a print and design company by nature but needed a dedicated developer at the time.  I worked there for 5 months and it was a really good experience.  During this time I managed to expand my skillset and work with social networking technologies far more than I had done before then.

Whilst at Source, I also continued with Cube Websites but soon realised that if I was to keep up with the client requests I’d have to focus solely on developing and so went out to find a freelance designer that I could outsource work to.  I found a talented individual who goes under the alias of Alkot.  He’s a very talented individual who’s completed several sites for me at very reasonable rates.  I intend to use him for all design work in the foreseeable future as he’s a great person to work with and we already have several commercial ideas that we’re going to be collaborating on as a partnership.

So where’s Cube Websites at right now?

Cube Websites is currently only me.  I have a permanent development role for a company in Manchester, but I still have plenty time for freelance work in the evenings and on weekends.  I work efficiently to make sure that I don’t miss any deadlines, I take great pride in my work and every single site is worked on to the best of my ability.

All design work is outsourced to Alkot who charges a very fair rate, and I let clients get in touch with him directly so there’s no inconvenience of dealing with me as a middle man.  As soon as he delivers the design I’ll convert it into XHTML/CSS and turn it into a fully functioning website – whether it’s static, CMS, E-Commerce or a bespoke application.

Future Plans for Cube Websites

  1. Start blogging more regularly
  2. Stick with Alkot as the designer for Cube Websites
  3. Developing Android and iPhone applications
  4. Launching of several new Magento themes – a few have already been designed and are waiting to be coded up for release
  5. Ensuring that customers are still as happy as they have been up until now.  When talking to colleagues they always mention some nightmare clients, but thankfully I can say that every single person I’ve made a website for has been a pleasure to work with, they’ve been so happy with their website and sometimes to the extent of paying me a little bonus just to express their satisfaction for the level of work provided.

Despite a couple of ups and downs, Cube Websites is still alive and kicking.  It’s been a very successful 2 years, and hopefully there’s plenty more amazing work to come!

Thank you to all the past clients who’ve provided me with nothing more than just positive feedback 🙂

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