We’ve been busy designing our new Magento theme (template, skin, whatever you prefer to call it) for the past few days and finally got a design that we like – it uses a dark page background, and a white content background giving it a very classy look.

After some careful consideration, we’ve decided that this new theme is going to be released for free, yup, you heard right, FREE!!!

This decision is based on the fact that Magento is a free software, it’s probably the best of its kind and we’ve got some very happy clients from it.  Releasing a theme completely free is our way of giving back to the Magento community and showing our appreciation for such an excellent product.


We’ve only just finalised the design – the theme should be coded, tested and documented within the next two weeks (we have client websites to work on too!) hopefully.
Look out here for any updates.

All suggestions are welcome!

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